The Peruvian Amazon

I made a quick trip to the Peruvian Amazon in August ‘19 and stayed at a camp about 2 hours downriver from Iquitos. There are 48 shots  in the slideshow on right that give a hint of the amazing insect diversity in the Peruvian Amazon.

A cheap flight from Lima gets you to Iquitos in a couple of hours and I’d advise getting out of there and into the forest as soon as you can. I stayed at an off-grid, rustic camp. So far as I know, you cannot book there directly and I’m not sure it even has a name — I booked via Amazon Experience in Iquitos. They can set up anything you want and have great prices. Since I was only interested in finding insects in the forest around the camp I did not leave the camp and cannot speak to the various other places and attractions.

The insects in the area around the camp and on the river bank were amazing! I saw dozens of insect species I’d never seen before, a good number of frogs and some beautiful birds (kingfishers especially.) The forest at the camp was not old or “primary” growth but has some very large trees and is extremely dense in places. I found wild cocoa and citrus trees, ceiba, many palms, many in the heliconia genus, any number of vines, and a number of species in the Solanaceae family. These are all good for bug hunting in my experience.

The camp is basically in the forest along the banks of the Amazon and just out of the annual flood area. Electricity is available from a generator for a few hours a day, food is local/basic but good (with a vegetarian option), rooms are very basic (foam mattress, cold water shower, non-potable water). Obviously, there is no AC and no fans. Highly recommended — but a camping trip to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve would be better!!! 

Iquitos hotels. I stayed at Central Bed & Breakfast in Iquitos at Jiron Nauta 355, Iquitos 16000. Under $40/night for B&B, spotlessly clean, comfy bed, large bathroom, large shower with plenty of hot water, soaps, TV and desk. Easy walk to downtown. Safe feeling area. Lovely courtyard area.

Catoblepia sp.
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